IMG_8941Across the street from the Broadway entrance to the Grand Central Market is an Italian restaurant called Maccheroni Republic.  Unlike the hustle and bustle of the Market, Maccheroni is quiet, tucked away off Broadway.  We decided to dine here on a rather busy Saturday night.  We did not have reservations and didn’t want to wait for a table inside the restaurant, so we were seated on the outside patio surrounded by greenery.  Sitting outside here is wonderful except they are not allowed to serve alcohol on the patio, so if you need a glass of wine with dinner, make sure you sit inside.


The waiter was quick, efficient but not the friendliest.  I would compare him to a waiter in a Italian restaurant in New York City.  He got the job done.  We started with Insalata Della Casa ($6.95).  Yes, the house salad of mixed greens, carrots, radishes, cucumber topped with the house vinaigrette.  It was a great salad with lots of veggies.

I had no idea what it was, but I asked for the Crostini di Mortadella ($9.95).  Ends up it was imported pistachio mortadella (in other words, a plate of fancy deli lunch meat). Not something I would normally order, but it was okay, but boring.


My husband ordered the Lasagna Di Carne ($12.95) for his main course.  It was a very traditional Emilian lasagna with meat ragout and cheese.  He loved it.


I must have been in a daring mood because I ordered the Agnolotti Di Osso Bucco ($12.95).  It was tortelloni filled with osso bucco meat and marrow in a salsa verde.  I guess I eat at too many Mexican restaurants because when I read “salsa verde” I was thinking of a spicy green sauce that you put on your burrito.  This was just a plain old green sauce.  I love osso bucco because it is so juicy and tender, but the inside of these tortellonis was dry and gritty.  Clearly, not what I was expecting, and although I like to try new things, I was disappointed.

All the pasta at Maccheroni Republic is homemade daily with organic semolina and organic flour.  Everyone loves it.  I just think I made some bad choices off the menu.  I look forward to going back and trying this place again.

Maccheroni Republic 332 So. Broadway (between 3rd and 4th) 213.346.9725


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