IMG_2079 (2)There are two reasons you must go to Faith & Flower restaurant on the northwest corner of 9th and Flower Streets.  The first is their specialty cocktail called English Milk Punch ($16).  This drink is awesome.  Although it has been explained to me several times, I don’t really understand what’s in it.  I went to the Faith & Flower website and copied it down for you… Smith & Cross, Appleton & Bacardi 8 Rums, Bulleit Bourbon, Batavia Arrack, Pernod, Absinthe, Pineapple, Sencha Tea and Milk Clarification.  It’s served from a mini milk bottle and poured over ice.  I really can’t start to describe how much I love this drink.  If when you go to heaven they have a cocktail reception party, this is the drink they will be serving.  faith1

The second reason is the Dungeness Crab Toast ($16).  It’s crab meat mixed with jicama and avocado served on toast, topped with Green Goddess aioli.  It sounds simple, but it’s so delicious.  If you’re going to Faith & Flower with friends, just order your own serving.  You will not want to share.  It’s that good.

The best thing about Faith & Flower is that you can order both the English Milk Punch and the Dungeness Crab Toast in the bar area.  You don’t have to go there and order a full meal.

Faith & Flower 705 W. 9th Street (at Flower Street) 213.239.0642


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