IMG_8874Have you seen the giant street light banners all over town advertising the new Sturtevant: Double Trouble exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in DTLA?  You know the banners I’m referring to, the ones featuring the hot go-go dancer on the lighted platform.  I don’t know if he got your attention, but he definitely got mine.  He was all the reason I needed to round up a few friends and drag them to MOCA.

Now I’ve never heard of this Sturtevant person advertised on the banners, but I was ready to check his work out. (Since seeing the exhibit, I have learned that Sturtevant is a woman and the reason the show is called Double Trouble is because she is known for “repeating” the works of her male counterparts like  Andy Warhol).

So we are walking through the museum and checking out her versions of some of the classics.  It’s a great show, but where is this go-go dancer?  We turn the corner into a separate room with some crazy penis/vagina print wallpaper… and there is the lighted platform, but is empty.  We read the information card on the wall only to learn that the dancer only appears 45 minutes each day at unannounced times.  Boo!  If that’s the case all those banners around town should feature an empty platform.  This is false advertising.

Despite no go-go dancer, I still enjoyed the trip to MOCA.  It has a great permanent collection including works by Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.  The Sturtevant exhibit runs through July 27th, and maybe if you’re lucky there’s someone on the platform during your visit.  Admission is $12 for adults, but it’s FREE every Thursday 5pm to 8pm.

MOCA 250 So. Grand Avenue (between 2nd and 3rd) 213.626.6222


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