Looking for a way to cool down in DTLA?  Buzz over to the Japanese Village Plaza in Little Tokyo and look for the small ice cream shop tucked away in the back corner.  It’s called Honeymee and they specialize in soft serve ice cream that’s topped with a drizzle of high quality honey. 


When we got there, the place was packed.  Every table was taken and there was a line to order.  I could not decide what to get.  When I got to the counter I went for the Yuzu Affogato ($5.20).  It’s a cup of their delicious ice cream on a bed of corn flakes, topped with natural honey, yuzu peel and pulp.  I know what you are thinking… what is yuzu.  It’s a sour Japanese citrus fruit the size of a tangerine, but with the flavor described as a cross between a lime and a grapefruit.  It was delicious blend of flavors… the citrus, honey and ice cream.  I like the concept of putting the ice cream on the corn flakes.

If you like ice cream and honey, you need to check this place out.  If for some reason you are a honey hater, you can still try Honeymee.  They do offer up some honey-free options.  Check out the Honeymee Instagram page.  YUM!

HONEYMEE 120 Japanese Village Plaza in Little Tokyo 213.908.9019


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