20150405_174855The Millennium Biltmore Hotel is one of the most historic and beautiful buildings in all of Downtown Los Angeles.  If you have never been inside, you need to make time and check this place out.  It is gorgeous.  While you are there, stop in the Gallery Bar, right off the main entrance lobby for a cocktail.

We happened along the bar while out exploring DTLA with some friends.  The bar is an awesome space.  Apparently the room used to be a hallway off the former main entrance on Olive Street.  When the hotel’s main entrance was moved to Grand Avenue, the space was converted into a bar/lounge area. 

Enough about the room, let’s talk about the cocktails.  We sat at the bar because we enjoy talking up the bartenders.  The first round (yes, there was more than one round… keep reading) we ordered off their signature cocktail menu.  I ordered the French Kiss ($12) which was made with vodka, Chambord and a combination of peach, cranberry and pineapple juices.  My husband ordered the Cucumber Cosmopolitan ($13) which was a mixture of vodka, fresh cucumber and lime plus some cranberry juice.  Both drinks were refreshing.

While we were enjoying the cocktails, our bartender went on break and Tony G. arrived. Tony is a DTLA resident, so we were chatting about our favorite places to eat and drink.  We also learned that Tony was more than a bartender.  He was an award-winning master mixologist.  For the second round we asked Tony to create something special for us.  He asked us a few questions about what each of us liked and then he went to work.  He poured.  He squeezed.  He dug out secret ingredients.  He even set stuff on fire.  When he was finished we had some spectacular creations.  It was a great time of friends, conversation and cocktails.

If you are looking for a quick rum and coke, this is probably not the bar for you. If you are looking for a finely crafted cocktail, head straight to the Gallery Bar and just hope Tony G. is working.  The Gallery Bar is a great place to have drinks and conversation with friends or co-workers.

Gallery Bar at the Biltmore Hotel 506 So. Grand Avenue (at 5th Street) 213.624.1011


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  2. Tony G says:

    The master mixologist is my son. I am amazed at his dedication to be the best at his craft. I have sat at his bar and have enjoyed watching him create my drink just as much as drinking the cocktail itself. It is definitely an experience and a must if you ever visit the area.

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  3. Tim G says:

    I have walked through the Biltmore and right past that bar. I’m stopping for a libation next time!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Andy B says:

    I wanna go sometime. I’ve never been inside the Biltmore but I’ve always wanted to walk around and feel the history. It looks so pretty in the pictures.

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