There’s a new restaurant in DTLA.  Hock+Hoof officially opened today at 517 So. Spring Street, the former home of Tabachines Cocina.  Hock+Hoof is described as a contemporary American restaurant using classic French techniques while incorporating refined Asian ingredients and flavors.  We got a preview of the place last night, starting with two of their signature cocktails. 

The first was called “Why So Celery?” made with soju, lime, celery, cucumbers, elderflower, mint bitters and tonic.  This drink was quite refreshing and tasted like something from a juice bar, but with soju!  The second cocktail was called “Smoking Section.”  Be sure to order this drink if you are sitting at the bar so you can watch it be prepared.  The bartender starts by lighting a block of white oak wood on fire and captures the smoke in the glass, then he adds one giant ice cube, juniper soju, sweet vermouth and orange bitters.  I really enjoyed the smoky flavor.

Then they paraded out a variety of their dishes including chicharrones (fried pig skin) with chimichurri and chicken liver mousse with kumquat jam and fry bread.  Now I would never ever order “head cheese,” but since they offered it up, I tried it and really enjoyed it.  On the menu, it’s described as pig’s head with aged ashi tofu, shimeji mushrooms, scallions and hondashi.  Despite the description, it was delicious. The feature of the night was the massive 48 oz. Tomahawk Steak.  The chef carved it up and presented it at the table, and everyone devoured it.


The tasting last night did a perfect job of giving us a sampling of what Hock+Hook has to offer.  You can check out the full dinner menu here.  Hock+Hoof  is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week.  Stop by and welcome them to DTLA.

HOCK+HOOF 517 So. Spring Street 213.279.9983

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