Hatch Yakitori + Bar inside The Bloc shopping complex on 7th Street is one of our favorite places to eat in DTLA.  Okay, stop reading this right now and make your reservations.  It’s that good.  My husband and I decided to give the place a try the other night.  We went in without any expectations.  We knew nothing about Chef Shemtob and we didn’t know what “yakitori” was (I just looked it up.  It is Japanese meat skewers).  Well, the place blew us away.  To start, the staff is super friendly.  We sat the counter and sparked up conversations with the servers, staff and the chef.  The place has a super chill vibe.  


Hatch offers up an extensive sake and beer selection.  I know nothing about sake and I have never heard about sake on draft, so I decided to give that a try.  I got a 10 oz. carafe of Bushido ($18).  It was crisp, clean and delicious.

As for the food, the menu is divided into three sections: Sticks, Entrees and Raw.  We weren’t sure what to order, but knew we wanted to start with the Avo Tuna Toast ($14).  It’s a generous serving of wild caught tuna and yuzu smashed avocado on crispy rice, then topped with green onion and house togarashi.   Okay, we have all had tuna on crispy rice before, right?  Well, this was the best ever.  OMG!  I really can’t describe this Avo Tuna Toast, but to say it was perfection.   I am salivating right now just thinking about it.


At the recommendation of the staff, we also ordered the Red Snapper ($12) from the “Raw” section of the menu.  It was thinly sliced red snapped topped with avocado, green onion and house chili ponzu.  We are so happy we tried this.  It was so delicious.

Next came a series of “sticks.”  We ordered Breast & Plum ($2.50), Bacon Cherry Tomato ($3), Brussels Sprouts ($2.50), Mushroom Party ($2.50), Seared Ahi ($3) and Eggplant & Miso ($2.50).  I think the Ahi and Mushroom were our favorites.  Then the sake started to kick in and I ordered the Gizzard ($3). I’m not sure why, but I’m glad I tried it.  And I never need to try it again.  Yuck.


We then ordered two entrees.  First up was the Black Fried Rice ($12) and at the server’s suggestion we added skirt steak ($6).  OMG.  It was a heavenly blend of rice,  black garlic sauce, carrot, corn, mushroom, green onion, pickled ginger and house tagarashi.  This dish was so delicious.  We cleaned the plate, scraping up every piece of rice.  It was followed by the Corn Tempura ($8), sweet corn fritters, jalapeno, green onion, brown sugar and assorted sauces.  Again, delicious!

Through out the meal, we talked with the staff including Chef Daniel Shemtob.  He’s lived in DTLA for the past 6 years, so we discussed his favorite places to eat, etc.  Everyone was so nice and friendly.  They really wanted to make sure we enjoyed our meal, and just when we could not eat another bite, the chef sent us the Flan-Tastic from the dessert menu.  It was green tea and coconut mocha served with yuzu puree and matcha crumble.  It was the prefect way to end the meal.

20180420_195455Okay, so if you didn’t make reservations at Hatch Yakitori when you first started reading this, you need to make them now.  This place is so awesome that soon you won’t be able to get in.  Hatch Yakitori is open for lunch and dinner everyday but Sunday.  Oh, if you go for lunch, they have a Bento Box menu I can’t wait to try.  



HATCH YAKITORI + BAR 700 W. 7th Street (inside The Bloc) 213.282.9078 hatchyakitori.com

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