Right now the King of the Chicken Sandwich in DTLA is Howlin’ Rays, but if you want one of Chef Johnny’s creations you have to wait in line, sometimes up to 3 hours.  I don’t have time for that.  If you are at an event inside Staples Center, you can get Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s chicken sandwich at Ludo Bird.  It is amazing, but again you have to be INSIDE Staples Center to get one.  Well, then we suggest you head over to Birdie’s.  Chef Jason Harley serves up a chicken sandwich at rivals Howlin’ Rays and Ludo Birds.  But wait… there’s a new chicken sandwich restaurant in DTLA.


South City Fried Chicken is now open in the Corporation Food Hall on Spring Street, and what’s special about South City is that they offer up a variety of chicken sandwiches inspired by different cities (New Orleans, Austin, Nashville, Louisville, Chapel Hill, Greenville, Birmingham and Miami).  I ordered the Louisville ($11.99) with pepper jelly, bourbon barrel aged green hot poblano butter.  The first few bites are sweet, but then it heats up.  It’s dripping in this honey-like sauce so it’s a little messy, but so good that I was licking my fingers clean.


My husband went for the Nashville ($11.99) with hot house pickles and cookout slaw.  This one you can request your level of heat (hot, XXX or reaper).  He ordered it hot, but will definitely go for the XXX next time.  This slaw on this sandwich was a bit juicy, so it too was a bit messy to pick up and eat.


Here’s the deal, if you are craving hot chicken and don’t want to wait in line for it… head to South City Fried Chicken in the Corporation Food Hall.  Your taste buds will be happy.

SOUTH CITY FRIED CHICKEN 724 South Springs Street (inside the Corporation Food Hall) 213.278.0008


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