Are you familiar with a pupusa?  It’s a traditional Salvadorian dish made of a thick corn tortilla stuffed with a savory filling.  Well, if you have not had one, you don’t have to travel to El Salvadore to get one… just head to La Papusa restaurant.  The family owned restaurant is located on Union Ave, just north of Washington Blvd.  (Okay, relax… it’s on the west side of the 110 Freeway, but it’s not that far… and worth the trip.) 

The restaurant’s atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.  La Pupusa serves up a full menu of Salvadorian specialties.  We were focused on the variety of papusas that are just $2.50 each.  We ended up ordering a Cheese & Chicken, Cheese & Beans, and Cheese & Squash.  The pupusas are served with curtido, a spicy cabbage slaw.  These things are delicious… and quite filling.  If you are really hungry, they offer up a special: 12 pupusas and a drink for $20.

Now if you are craving traditional Mexican food, no worries… La Pupusa serves up tacos, quesadilla and burritos too.  Oh, and they offer up delicious desserts too.  Seriously, you need to check this place out.  It’s so good!

LA PAPUSA 1051 W. Washington BLVD Unit G (the entrance is on So. Union) 213.749.4573


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