Looking for a Moscow Mule cocktail in DTLA?  Head to District restaurant inside the Sheraton Hotel at The Bloc.  DTLAexplorer.com first told you about District back in 2015. District serves up Moscow Mules… on draft!  It’s a perfect blend of Russian Standard Vodka, ginger beer and fresh lime… and they are only $10 each.  Oh, and even better… during Happy Hour (everyday between 3pm and 7pm) they are only $6 each.  

20170419_193301District is a full restaurant, but if you are not in the mood for a big meal, head to the bar and order a few appetizers.  We started with the House Baked Artisan Loaf ($6) with sides of sun-dried tomato tapenade and herb butter. “Home Baked Artisan Loaf” sounded really good on the menu and I don’t know what I was expecting, but when it arrived at the table it was bread… just bread.

The rest of our food was a hit.  The Kale Cobb Salad ($14) was shredded chicken, bacon, hard boiled egg, tomato, Gorgonzola cheese and avocado served on a bed of lettuce.  I loved the District Tuna Tartare ($12) served with Gochujang vinaigrette, cucumber, jicama, capers and seaweed chips.  Delicious.

If you are looking for a place to throw back a cocktail and grab a bite to eat in a cozy atmosphere, we recommend District.  Not only are there drink specials during Happy Hour, District also serves up some awesomely priced food specials too.  You can enter District through the hotel, but it’s easier to use the bar entrance.  It opens up to the courtyard of The Bloc’s lower level, right near the tunnel to the Metro.

DISTRICT 750 W. 7th Street (inside The Bloc) 213.612.3185 districtdtla.com


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