The Museum of Ice Cream opened a few days ago in DTLA’s Arts District.  Although we love ice cream, we weren’t too impressed with our visit to the museum.  Yes, it was fun and we took a lot of photos, but it is not worth $29 for adults and $18 for kids/seniors.  Museum visitors go on a self-guided room-to-room tour of the museum. Each room has a different theme and many of the rooms have a museum guide that tells you a few facts about ice cream but that’s really it.  It’s all bright and colorful, but there is really no substance.  

In some rooms you get a sample of ice cream or a handful of gummy bears, but besides sitting in a pool filled with fake sprinkles there is nothing to do (other than take photos). Okay, that sprinkle pool is cool, but it’s only about ankle deep and you only get to sit it it for a few minutes before the next group of visitors are ushered in.

They do not sell tickets at the door.  You must buy tickets online in advance.  Amazingly, tickets are already sold out through May, and June tickets go on sale in a few days.  Here’s the real scoop… more than an ice cream lover’s paradise, this place is a selfie lover’s paradise.  If you don’t mind spending $29 to get some great photos for your social media pages, then the Ice Cream Museum is for you.  Otherwise, take your money and head to Little Damage, Ice Cream Lab or Gresecent Ice Cream shops in DTLA.



MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM 2018 E. 7th Place (in the Arts District) 888.718.4253



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