What do you get when you cross laser tag and a cardio class?  You get something called LazrFit. It’s a first of its kind workout… and it’s right here in DTLA.  If you’re like me, you read the word “workout” and you want to stop reading.  Well, don’t.  I’m not a fan of fitness and exercise, but I’m a fan of LazrFit.  It’s a great way to trick yourself into getting in a good sweaty cardio workout.  LazrFit combines the fun and spontaneity of laser tag with the dynamic movement of a full-body workout. You are having so much fun, you’ll forget you’re actually exercising.

The new LazrFit studio is located on the corner of Grand Avenue and Pico Boulevard in South Park.  They took over the old HQ Brand Mixed Martial Arts Gym that was on the southwest corner and transformed it into their LazrPark.  It’s a laser tag arena designed to promote active and dynamic movement.  During the “workout” you are crouching behind walls, running through the maze-field and jumping out at your opponents. Again, you’re doing all this “fitness stuff” while you are playing a game, so it doesn’t feel like exercise.  Now don’t get me wrong, are you exercising… a lot, but it’s fun.


Each player wears a chest target and gets a laser handle.  Like standard laser tag you shoot at your opponents and get points.  But get this, once your target is tagged only physical activity can reactivate your laser handle.  Yep, these devices only work if you are moving.  If you stop, your laser handle shuts down.  This aspect of LazrFit keeps you moving.  LazrFit is a great way to combine fun and fitness.   


Clearly, I am a fan.  What I really like about LazrFit is that it can be played by anyone at any fitness level.  You don’t have to be a gym bunny to enjoy it.  There are different class levels from beginner to expert, and the staff is super friendly.  If you are looking to have a good time, and burn a few calories at the same time, head to LazrFit.  


LAZRFIT 400 W. Pico Boulevard (at Grand Avenue) 855.529.7348

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