There are dozens of Mexican restaurants in DTLA.  Some get way more attention than others, and for some reason Guero’s Cocina Mexicana is not one of them.  We are not sure why because Guero’s is great.  We ate there for the first time a few days ago and we can’t wait to go back again.

Guero’s is located on Los Angeles Street between 7th and 8th Streets, nestled between all the men’s suit shops.  There is nothing overly fancy about the restaurant.   The menu is posted on the wall right where you walk in, and you order at a counter cashier, then seat yourself at one of the wooden tables.  The place is very welcoming and friendly.  There was a soccer game playing on the big screen TV hanging on the wall.  The space gives you the feeling that you are inside a family owned restaurant in an oceanside Mexican resort city.  The meal starts with a complimentary basket of chips topped with beans, tomatoes and cheese… and then it tastes like you are inside a family owned restaurant in an oceanside Mexican resort city.

When your food is ready, it is delivered to your table.  I ordered the quesadilla ($8.50) made with your choice of filling.  I went for the mushrooms.  It is served with a side of chips, beans and rice.  My husband ordered the tostada salad ($8.50) made with mixed greens, rice, black beans, sour cream, cheese and guacamole.  He added a side of steak ($4).  One friend ordered the huevos con machaca ($9.50).  That’s scrambled eggs sauteed with shredded beef.  The other friend went for a buritto ($6.50).

This was very traditional Mexican food, perfectly prepared and delicious.  If you are looking for Mexican food, but bored with the same places in DTLA, you need to head over and try Guero’s.  They serve up friendly service, great food with descent prices.

GUERO’S COCINA MEXICANA 737 So. Los Angeles Street (between 7th and 8th Streets) 213.488.1574


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