You no longer have to head to Boiling Crab in Koreatown for your Cajun seafood cravings.  Uncle John’s Cafe on Grand Avenue has just started up a Cajun seafood dinner menu.  The place still serves up breakfast and lunch, but at 5:30pm they re-open with this new dinner service.  The main feature of the menu is the seasoned shrimp, crawfish, king crab legs, clams, mussels and oysters.  You pick your seasoning (house sauce, garlic butter or lemon pepper) and your spice level.

I could not decide between the boiled shrimp or the clams, so I was going to order both, but the server suggested I get the Shrimp Combo ($40).  It is normally a pound of shrimp, a pound of clams and a pound of mussels, but since I don’t like mussels she let me get double clams.  It’s served in a big plastic bag along with 2 pieces of corn on the cob, 6 pieces of sausage and 3 potatoes.  I ordered it with the mild house sauce.  Warning: the shrimp are NOT peeled, so you have to peel them yourself.  This makes for a very tedious and messy process, but it was worth it.  The Shrimp Combo was a LOT of food, but between two of us, we ate everything but the potatoes.


As always, we ordered too much food.  In addition to the giant bag of seafood, we also got the fried shrimp basket served with Cajun fries ($12).  It was 8 pieces of butterflied fried shrimp with a side of cocktail sauce on top of a bed of spicy fries.  If you like Cajun seasoning, you will love these fries.

Uncle John’s Cafe is located in the Stillwell Hotel on Grand Avenue between 8th and 9th Streets (next to Hank’s bar).  It’s a great space with both counter and table seating.  The service at our Cajun seafood dinner was awesome.  The server was both friendly and helpful.  Even though we were stuffed at the end of the meal, she brought us out a serving of deep-fried French Toast with a side of ice cream.  It’s the perfect size and of course, we ate it all!  I’m so full.


UNCLE JOHN’S CAFE 834 So. Grand Avenue 213.623.3555 Uncle John’s Facebook Page


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