By now you have probably seen lots of photos on Instagram of people in a room full of pitchforks, a pool filled with airplane fins, and people on swings in an indoor park.  Well, all those photos (and so many more) were taken at The 14th Factory, a pop-up art exhibition that’s taken over an abandoned industrial warehouse in Lincoln Heights just north of DTLA.  The place is filled with all kinds of art… video, installation, sculpture, sound, paintings, and live performance. 


This place is awesome.  You literally explore this massive industrial complex and discover something different in each room.  It’s called The 14th Factory, in part, because there are 14 large-scale collaborative works.  One of our favorites is an installation called Clear Air Turbulence, a huge steel-framed pool filled with salvaged airplane tails.

People line up to take a photo in a room filled with 300 hanging pitchforks called The Crusher.  They were also lining up, and taking off their shoes, to go inside The Barmecide Feast which is a re-creation of the bedroom in  the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.  

If you are afraid of the dark, you might want to skip all the rooms with video installations.  At some points, you are walking through total darkness.  Of all the projection rooms, the coolest is called Tannhauser with giant screens on each wall.  The screens are filled with moving images that make you feel as though the room is moving. It’s a little trippy, but so cool.  There’s another projection room called The Inevitable where you watch a 1980 Ferrari crash in slow motion, then in the next room, there are pieces of the wreckage.

In the center of this 3-acre complex is an indoor park called Garlands.  Visitors are encouraged to take off their shoes, walk through the grass and play on swings.  There’s a room filled with crowns made out of brass, nylon, gold, marble, wood and stone.  There’s even a room with an antique plow that has been plated in gold.  This place is awesome!


The 14th Factory is filled with some funky stuff.  You really need to check it out in person.  The 14th Factory is open Tuesday thru Sunday (closed on Mondays).  You can get tickets at the door on in advance online.  Tickets cost $13.50 (plus a service charge if you buy online).  If you live in the 90031 zip code (and have a driver’s license to prove it) you get in free.  Let me say it again… you need to check this place out!

Oh, there are a lot of street parking restrictions in that neighborhood.   There is a valet parking lot connected to the building that costs $10 to $15 depending on how crowded the lot gets.  It’s better than a parking ticket.

THE 14TH FACTORY 440 North Avenue 19 in Lincoln Heights



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