We love everything about living in DTLA, but if we have one complaint, it would be that we don’t have enough storage space.  Well, the people at Joymode have come up with an awesome solution.  The Joymode motto is “Do more while owning less.”  Joymode rents out everything you want, but don’t have the space to store, like camping equipment, popcorn machines, karaoke machines and even scooters. You no longer have an excuse for not going on all those awesome adventures or hosting all the cool parties because you don’t have all the supplies or equipment.


When you go to the Joymode website, you can see all the “experiences” they offer.  You want to throw a Game Night… Joymode has everything you need… Sony Playstation VR, Oculus Rift, ping pong tables, giant Jenga games, grills.  You want to go on an outdoor adventure?  Joymode has sleds, paddle boards, backpacks.  They even offer up paper shredders and carpet cleaners.  Seriously, they have just about everything you have ever wanted, but don’t have room for in your closet. got a tour of the facility from Joymode CEO/Founder Joe Fernandez. The warehouse is located at Hope and 12th Street in South Park, not too far from Staples Center.  Inside there are shelves full of items.  If you are looking for it, they probably have it.  We asked all the questions you are thinking.  Joe says the rental prices are about 10% of the retail price.  Many of the items are grouped together for a package price.  In order to rent the items, you have to sign up for a free 30 day  preview of the service, after that membership is $99 a year.  They have free delivery and pick-up, but if you pick it up and return it yourself, you save $10… and most important, every item is hand-cleaned after every use.  Have even more questions, check out the FAQ section of the Joymode website.


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