South Park is an incredibly special corner of Downtown Los Angeles. We’ve watched this neighborhood grow and change, slowly transforming the vibe of the larger Downtown area. Inspired by the energetic feel of this neighborhood, the WREN apartment complex has created a different kind of community with a new take on apartment life in DTLA.  It’s located north of Pico Boulevard, between Olive and Hill Streets.

WREN‘s mission is to provide residents with the absolute best experience of DTLA, no matter what they’re into. DTLA is always changing.  There’s always something new to do, a new restaurant to visit, a new experience to be had… and WREN provides a dynamic living experience that allows you to keep pace with this ever-changing town. So, welcome to WREN apartments, and welcome to a different take on life in South Park.

img_6501Most apartment communities in DTLA are boxed-in buildings that come right up against the adjacent property line. Communities like these often have a central courtyard that may have a pool, but it doesn’t get any sun. WREN opted for something different. The building itself is set back from the property line, opening the sidewalk for foot traffic and access to the first floor retail space.

The Olive building and the Hill building, named for each of their bordering streets, have an alley running between them with a carport, which gives residents an easy way to enter and exit without having to immediately contend with street traffic.

The skybridge connecting the Olive and Hill buildings is another one of WREN’s unique architectural features that sets it apart from other DTLA apartment communities. Residents of either building can easily access and enjoy the community’s amenities without ever having to go very far.

WREN’s pool area features one of the largest Jacuzzi spas in all of DTLA.  The pool includes 31 feet of climate friendly water along with a poolside cabana with sectional couches, ceiling fans, microwave, warming drawer, and even a kegerator. Eventually WREN will be hosting  community sponsored happy hours in the cabana area for the residents to enjoy.


It’s always been tough for apartment dwellers with dogs in DTLA. Sure, there are plenty of dog friendly apartments out there, but there’s not much outdoor space for your dog to romp around and get the necessary exercise. Well, at WREN, they’re taking it a step further. Not only are they a dog friendly community, they’ve given a spot for you dog to enjoy the outdoors!  WREN is the only apartment community in DTLA that has it’s own private park.  The WREN Fitness and Yoga Center offers 2,700 square feet of workout space, complete with gym equipment for yoga, cardio, and weight training.  WREN’s amenities are meant to simplify and enhance the daily lives of the residents. A daily exercise regiment is a core component of many people’s daily routines, which is why they’ve designed a space which makes maintaining that regimen a total cinch! 


WREN has outfitted it’s community with a space that allows residents to keep with the pace of their professional lives, from the comfort of their own home. The onsite business center features free 1GB high-speed WIFI internet, six co-working spaces for added privacy, an 8-person executive conference table and an additional seating area for six, along with two TVs.  WREN also sports two private executive conference rooms. Each room can accommodate up to six people, and there’s an additional open conference table that can also accommodate six people for collaborative meetings.


WREN’s 1.5 square mile neighborhood is right off of the 10 freeway in a special corner of town, full of promise, diversity, and excitement.  WREN has designed an apartment community that embraces the dynamic nature of life in this part of town. It all comes back to Thoughtful Living, WREN’s bedrock philosophy and guiding principal in all the decisions that they make concerning the community and how residents will interact with it. Thoughtful Living means that they’ve done their homework to design a streamlined community that provides you with everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

To live at WREN means to live the way that people live in DTLA today, with a life full of options for excitement.  To find out more about the WREN community and the ways they’re changing what it means to have an apartment in DTLA, visit livewren.com.


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