img_6442The other night we decided to take a road trip… that just means we jumped in the car instead of walking.  We headed to Banditos Tacos & Tequila on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, just south of the Coliseum.  It’s a relatively new place that keeps popping up in the DTLAexplorer Instagram feed.  It was about 7pm on a Saturday night and we thought there was going to be a college crowd considering the place practically borders the USC campus. We were wrong.  There were a few locals… no college students at all.  Now, maybe the crowd arrives later in the evening.

We sat at the bar and ordered Micheladas ($9)… and SURPRISE!  It was Happy Hour… 2 for the price of one.  Banditos celebrates happy hour everyday from 5pm to 9pm.  YES!  After we got our drinks, we ordered Chips and Guacamole ($9), Chicken Quesadilla ($10) and the Wood Smokes Brisket Tacos ($10) with fresh chutney mango salsa.

The drinks were good.  The food was good.  The service was friendly.  It’s a great space with a great bar, a relaxed seating area and giant windows that open up to the street.   There are more than a dozen 60″ monitors playing all the games, plus there’s even a skeeball machine.  The only thing missing was a crowd.  Again, maybe we were there too early because we did not anything close to the scene pictured on Banditos Instagram page.  This place has some much potential, and we look forward to heading back to Banditos before/after a game when the place is hopefully packed.

BANDITOS TACOS & TEQUILA 900 w. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (just south of the Coliseum) 323.432.2474

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