There’s a new basement bar hidden in the basement of the building at the northwest corner of Broadway and 2nd Street.  It’s called Birds and Bees, but don’t look for any signage.  In fact, don’t spend time looking for the front door.  In order to get in this secret bar, you have to head to parking lot on the south side of the building and enter through an unmarked door at the back corner of the building… and even then, you are not quite there yet.  You still have to head down the stairs and through a funky brick hallway to find the place.  Once inside you will find an awesome dimly lit room that the resembles a 1950’s speakeasy. The interior is not the only 50’s inspired element of Birds and Bees, so is the cocktail menu.  The secret entrance and groovy vibe add to the mystique of Birds and Bees, but the real draw is the drinks. Many of the signature cocktails are named after classic Hollywood stars like Doris Day and Pat Boone.  My husband was drawn to the Ella Fitzgerald.  It’s a dirty martini made with pickle juice.  It’s served in a vintage martini glass with a side carafe, so this is really two drinks for the price of one.


I started with a cocktail called the Desi Arnez made with rum, Chinese five-spice cordial, creme de peche with pineapple and lime juice.  OMG!  This might be one of my favorite cocktails… ever. Well, then I ordered the Royal Hawaiian.  It’s a concoction of gin, cognac, Spanish vanilla liqueur, orgeat syrup with pineapple and lime juices.  THIS might be my favorite cocktail… ever.

The drinks are not cheap.  Most of them are $14 each, but they are well made and delicious. If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy a creative craft cocktail (or two), you need to head to Birds and Bees.  It may take you a few minutes to find the entrance, but the hunt will make your cocktails that much more enjoyable.


BIRDS AND BEES 207 South Broadway (in the basement)


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