baby-lobster-4When you think about Santee Alley you probably don’t think about restaurants, right? Well, did you know there was a rooftop restaurant and bar called Baby Lobster Seafood & Grill that overlooks the alley?  It’s a great place to escape the alley crowds and grab something to eat.  The entrance to Baby Lobster Seafood & Grill is located just east of the alley on Olympic Boulevard.  Look for a flight of stairs (or an elevator) that will take you up to the second floor. Once you get up there, you can eat on the rooftop patio, inside at a table or at the little bar.

As soon as the server greets you at your table, she brings you a plate of duriots and some Tapatio.  Score!  We are loving this place already.  We ordered margaritas, and then ordered some food.  I went with the Carne Asada plate.  My husband ordered a burrito with a side of fries.  The food was good and the drinks are cold, but let’s great real.  You are eating at a restaurant overlooking Santee Alley.  This is not Water Grill or Pez Cantina.  If you are looking for fine dining, this is not the right place for you.  The restaurant doesn’t even have a website, but it does have an Instagram page so you can check out more photos.

Next time you are shopping in the alley and need a drink, head upstairs and check out Baby Lobster Seafood& Grill.

Baby Lobster Seafood & Grill 1001 Maple Ave #201-203 (entrance on Olympic) 213.747.0605


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