imageDTLAexplorer is a huge fan of Escape IQ even though we got our butts kicked trying to escape from the Alcatraz room.  Luckily, we redeemed ourselves a few months later when we escaped the Vault, so when we got invited to test out their newest room, we were ready to go.  Bring it on!

The new room is called Dr. Brown’s Manor.  The story behind the room goes something like this, “Dr. Brown is missing! No one has heard from him since seven days ago. He had been in his manor furiously working on his time machine, shouting in the excitement that he was on the brink of discovering time travel. You need to break into Dr. Brown’s manor and find out what happened! But you must be swift and careful. Dr. Brown rigged his home out of paranoia. The moment you enter, an alarm will be triggered, and you will only have 60 minutes before the entire house self-destructs.”


After conquering the Vault, we thought we were pretty good at escaping.  Well, after a visit to Dr. Brown’s Manor, we have been humbled.  We won’t give anything away, but we will tell you this room is the most elaborate room yet!  We started off strong, but the room is filled with some serious puzzles and our hour was up before we knew it.  It’s one of the toughest escape rooms out there.   We encourage all of you escape room experts to give this room a try… good luck!


Now, if you are really an escape room junkie, you need to head to Escape IQ for their New Year’s Eve party.  It’s being billed as an intimate NYE experience filled with creativity, engagement, and fun, unlike any celebrations seen before. The celebration includes a game at Escape IQ and a countdown after party.   Your ticket will include a game at a room of your choice, follow by an exclusive detective-themed New Year’s Eve countdown after party featuring complimentary food and cocktails, and a midnight champagne toast.  Tickets range from $55 to $85 and are on available at


Escape IQ 1135 E. 5th St. (between Seaton & Colyton Streets) 213.221.7749


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