Yesterday, I didn’t think I was a fan of Mediterranean restaurants, but after having dinner last night at the new Cleo restaurant in L.A. Live, that has changed.  First off… the redesigned space that was once The Farm of Beverly Hills looks great.  Both the interior and the exterior of Cleo are more open, airy and inviting.  The service at Cleo was excellent.  Our server, Katherin and all the support start were attentive and friendly.

img_6080Okay, now let’s talk about the food and drink, beginning with their signature cocktail called the Janapolitan ($13).  It’s a beautiful blend of Belvedere vodka, crushed strawberries, basil leaves and fresh squeezed lime juice.  Refreshing!

We stared with the Hummus ($7) and at the suggestion of Katherin, we also ordered the Lebaneh ($7).  Lebaheh is a low-moisture, low-fat feta and mozzarella cheese blend… and it’s delicious.  Both spreads are served with warm flat bread that comes to your table in a paper bag.


Cleo serves smaller dishes that are made for sharing.  We decided on the Brussel Sprouts ($9) prepared with capers, parsley, almonds and topped with a vinaigrette, oddly served in a Mr. Coffee filter and the Green Goddess ($12) salad made with avocado, hearts of palm, and green beans.  Both were ultra-fresh and flavorful.

The next round of dishes included the Lamb Shawarma, Grilled Octopus and the Ravioli. Let’s start with the Lamb Shawarma ($7).  It was awesome… tender meat with caramelized onions, Lebaneh and Harissa on grilled Laffa.  The Grilled Octopus ($13) with peewee potatoes was a total hit too.  The Ravioli ($10) was my favorite. It was a serving of 7 ravioli filled with farmer’s cheese, tossed in brown butter and marjoram, then topped with a poached egg.

Even after all this food, we ordered dessert… and not just one to share, but two of them. The Churros ($9) were good, but the Sticky Toffee Pudding ($9) was fabulous.  In fact, the entire dinner was fabulous.  If you live near by L.A. Live, or if you are going to an event at Staples Center or the Mocrosoft Theater, you need to make reservations at Cleo.


Cleo 800 W. Olympic Blvs (in L.A. Live) 424.888.7818



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