imageThe only thing better than a salad from Mrs. Winston’s Green Grocery is a FREE salad from Mrs. Winston’s Green Grocery.  On Fridays, if you can guess the exact price of your salad before they place it on the scale, you get it for free.  We tried it this past Friday… more on that in a minute.

If you have never been to one of the three Mrs. Winston’s locations in Santa Monica or Culver City, you don’t know what you are missing.  It’s probably the best salad bar in Los Angeles, and now there is one in DTLA.  It’s located at 888 Figueroa, sandwiched between to the Avis Car Rental and the Denny’s.  The salad bar is massive.  There must easily be over a 100 different items… everything from spicy carrots to quinoa.  Seriously, I have never seen a salad bar with some many options.

imageNow be careful, you are paying $9.95 a pound for your creation.  The more goodies you add, the more you pay. My plastic to-go container wasn’t quite full.  I figured it weighed a little over a pound, so I guessed it was going to cost $11.  WRONG!  It ended up costing $12.65. My husband made himself a big ole salad.  He guessed $14, but it ended up costing more than $16.  It’s a little expensive, but you are paying for all-natural quality ingredients.  We didn’t get free salads, but we did end up with awesome salads.  If you are a salad lover, you really need to head to Mrs. Winston’s Green Grocery.

Here’s my one complaint.  The DTLA location is open 7am to 5pm.  Why close at 5pm? That means the place closes before everyone heading home after work has time to make a salad for dinner.  Hopefully they adjust the hours to accommodate all of us who live in DTLA.

Mrs. Winston’s Green Grocery 888 So. Figueroa Street (between 8th and 9th)  213.612.0800


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