imageThe one thing that Los Angeles was missing was an observation level in a DTLA skyscraper. (Yes, there’s the one in City Hall, but I’m talking a skyscraper.)  Well, not any more!  Skyspace officially opens this weekend atop the U.S. Bank building.  It’s California’s tallest open-air observation deck and the only one with a glass slide attraction.  I got a sneak peek of the space today, and it’s beautiful.

You enter Skyspace through a new entrance on the west side of the building, and after getting your tickets, you head though an amazing digital HD tunnel.  Now, you are going to be excited to get upstairs, but take a few minutes and enjoy the visual show happening in the tunnel.

From there, you head into the elevators to the 54th floor.  Here you will find a self-guided experience including an amazing 360-degree virtual topography wall featuring some spectacular views from around Los Angeles.  There is also an infinity mirror in the floor that appears to look down through the core of the building.  Go ahead, step on it… if you dare.

When you are done checking out all the cool stuff on 54, you get into another elevator and head up to the 70th floor.  The views are amazing.  You can walk around and see in every direction, and then you see it… the Skyslide!

imageBack in February, was the FIRST to tell you about the Skyslide.  Well, now we got to ride it.  It’s a 45-foot fully-enclosed glass slide that sticks out of the building nearly 1,000 feet above the street below.  When it’s your turn, you sit on fabric mat, and when you are given the all clear, you scoot forward and… enjoy the ride.  The Skyslide takes you down to the 69th floor below.  It’s fast, so you have to take it all in quickly.  The hardest part of the ride is the ending.  You shoot out of the glass box onto a foam mat.  Making a graceful exit is difficult, especially with everyone watching.  I wanted to ride it face-first on my stomach, but they say you go too fast.  Boo!

Okay, once you get over the adrenaline rush of the slide, you realize you are outside on one of two observation decks.  You can see up to 34 miles on a clear day.  Again, take in the views and take a few selfies before heading inside for a snack or a drink.

imageAdmission to Skypace starts at $19 per person and it’s an additional $8 to ride the slide. Skyspace is open everyday (starting June 25th) from 9am to 11pm, although the last tickets are sold at 10pm.  You can buy your tickets in advance at  Do not park in the U.S. Bank underground parking area.  It is too expensive.  There are plenty of other lots around the area.


Please let us know what you think of the new Skyspace and Skyslide attractions in the comment section below, or on the DTLAexplorer social media sites: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Thanks!  Enjoy the view and the ride!


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