There’s a restaurant inside the Art District’s massive One Santa Fe complex called ediBOL. It specializes in handcrafted artisan bowls.  We checked the place out this past weekend. The restaurant has a great dining room, but the weather was perfect so we decided to eat outside in the patio area.  We had two menus to choose from, the normal lunch/dinner menu and the special weekend brunch menu.

imageediBOL does not have a full liquor license, but there do serve beer, wine and sake.  I went for a Bloody Mary ($12) made with shochu, a Japanese liquor.  The housemade Bloody Mary mix was a perfect blend of spices and flavors.  What made this Bloody Mary different is that there were sunflower seeds in the mix.  I’ve never seen that before, and I liked it. Awesome.

We started with the Rice Fritters ($5), described on the menu as crispy, chewy rice bits with soft centers topped with a lemon glaze.  Okay, when you go to ediBOL you MUST order these fritters.  They were so good.  It was like ordering spicy tuna on crispy rice without the tuna.  Delish!

imageWhen it came to ordering lunch, I ordered from the weekend brunch menu and got the Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuit ($11).  The biscuits are made in house… and served with soft scrambled eggs topped with scallions and a side of applewood smoked bacon.  This is a great brunch-type meal.

imageMy husband ordered off the standard lunch/dinner menu and went for something called the BOLicious ($9). It’s a bowl of umami fried heirloom rice, crispy poached egg, seared greens, pickled tomatoes, kohlrabi wedges, cucumber, scallion relish and homemade togarashi.  He added a side of the seared garlic shrimp ($5).  I loved this dish.  I loved everything about it.  I wish I had ordered it all to myself.  I loved the rice and the greens.  It was so good.

imageNext time you are in the Arts District, you need to stop for lunch or dinner at ediBOL.  The food is great.  They serve up clean, flavorful dishes that are reasonably priced.  Don’t forget to order the Rice Fritters.

ediBOL 300 So. Sante Fe Avenue (inside the One Santa Fe complex) 213.292.6466 edibol.com


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