imageBack in August, DTLAexplorer told you about Angel City Brewery’s guacamole and Sriracha inspired beers.  So when we received a press release today from the Brewery’s public relations agency promoting  Angel City’s newest brew, the Ramen Lager, it grabbed our attention.  Attached to the release was a link to a video about the new ramen creation.  “We’re always inspired by the neighborhood around us.  Diversity is infused not only in our culture, but into our beer itself.  It’s what inspired concoctions like our French dip beer, our Mexican cola been and Srirachelada.  When we made our sake ale, we dug deep into what makes a great rice wine.  I thought ‘why stop at sake?’  which is why I am proud to announce our latest creation, the Ramen Lager.”

“So grab some chopstick and a Cup O’Ramen Lager.  It will have you screaming… APRIL FOOLS.”  Well played Angel City.  Well played!  You got me… you got me good!


The April Fools video launched Angel City Brewery’s 2016 “What Would You Brew” contest.  Angel City is looking for the next California-inspired brew.  Past winners actually included the Mexican Cola Ale (that’s not a joke).  Click here for more information about the contest. 

Angel City Brewery 216 South Alameda Street


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