The other day I took a walk over to Bronzed Aussie, one of my favorite places to grab a quick bite to eat in DTLA.  If you haven’t been there, they serve up 5″ meat pies.  These meat pies are all the rage in Australia and once you have one you will understand why!  Anyway, the restaurant is tucked away in an alley off Los Angeles Street called the Santee Court along with a Pizza Hut and a small market.  It’s a cute little nook made up of 35,000 square feet of ground floor retail.  Well, the Santee Court is about to get a massive makeover. 

Renderings of the new and improved Santee Court are posted in a storefront window.  The makeover includes a redesign of the food court, additional green spaces, dog park relocation and new art murals curated by Ren Gallery.

No word on when the renovations will start or be finished, but in the meantime head to Santee Court and get a meat pie from Bronzed Aussie.  I highly recommend the “Original” pie made with lean ground beef in gourmet gravy with tomato & spices, but I also love the sauteed chicken breast, smoked bacon and mushroom pie.  You know what, get one of each!

Bronzed Aussie 714a So. Los Angeles Street (just south of 7th Street in the Santee Court) 213.243.0770 bronzedaussie.us


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