I have lived in Los Angeles for almost 20 years now and I’m embarrassed to admit that I just made my first trip to Philippe’s The Original restaurant in DTLA.  For some reason I always thought it was some shady rundown diner… I was so wrong!  Philippe’s is awesome!

We stopped by Philippe’s at 3pm on a Sunday… and the place was packed.  PACKED!  The lines to order were crazy, but that gave me plenty of time to check out the menu.  At Philippe’s you order at the counter, wait a few seconds for your food and then seat yourself.  History says that the “French Dipped” sandwich was invented at Philippe’s and now it is the specialty of the house.  It’s a crusty French roll dipped in authentic “jus” created from our freshly roasted meats (beef, pork, ham, turkey or lamb).  When you order you ask for a single-dip, double-dip or wet sandwich.

I went for the single dip beef with Swiss cheese ($8.25) and my husband ordered single dip turkey with American cheese ($7.95).  The bread was fresh and the meat was delicious.  Next time I will order my double dip or even wet, as the sandwich got a little dry toward the end.

There are also a bunch of delicious looking sides and desserts.  We got the cole slaw ($1.45), a cup of chili ($2.80) and a slice of cherry pie ($4.15).  I loved the cole slaw and my husband could not shut up about the chili.  In fact the only time he was not raving about the chili was when he was stuffing his mouth with the cherry pie.  (Sorry honey.  I could not resist.)


Okay, here is what I loved about Philippe’s… it’s reasonably priced.  Unlike most restaurants that gauge your on the beverages, a glass of lemonade here was just .80 cents, and Pepsi was just $1.40.

Now let’s talk about the building.  It’s awesome too. In 1951 Philippe’s relocated to the present location, which was a machine shop with a hotel on the second floor.  Be sure to eat upstairs because that second floor is now mini dining rooms.  Although this place is classic old-school, it is very clean.  It’s not sketchy like the Original Pantry on Figueroa (which I love). If you have not visited Philippe’s The Original, don’t wait 20 years like I did, you are missing out on a great meal at a real DTLA landmark restaurant.

Philippe’s The Original 1001 N. Alameda Street 213.628.3781

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