imageIt looks like the new Skyside attraction that was first to tell you about will begin installation on Saturday (March 19th).  An advisory was just issued to businesses around the U.S. Bank Tower that they will be conducting a helicopter lift of large construction items to the 69th floor on Saturday morning between 8am and noon.  For safety reasons, once the lift starts, people will not be allowed to enter or leave some of the nearby buildings.  There will also be street closures in the area:

  • Hope Street will be closed from West 4th Street to Hope Place
  • Hope Place will be closed from Hope Street to South Grand Avenue
  • South Grand Avenue will be closed from West 3rd Street to West 5th Street
  • West 5th Street will be closed from South Grand Avenue to South Flower Street
  • South Flower Street will be closed from West 4th Street to West 5th Street

When the OUE Skyspace observation deck officially opens June 25th, there will also be Skyslide, an outdoor glass slide 1,000 feet above Los Angeles.  The slide will be made of clear glass that measures 1.25″ thick, and extends from the building’s 70th floor down to the 69th floor’s outside observation level.  The ride on the slide will be 45 feet long.  Tickets to ride the slide will cost an additional $8 and will be sold in timed intervals.


Skyspace will be California’s tallest open-air observation deck with 360 degree views of Los Angeles.  The attraction will be located on 4 floors of the US Bank Tower.  Visitors will be guided through a multi-dimensional experience featuring unobstructed views of the San Gabriel Mountains to Catalina Island.  Tickets officially go on sale Friday, March 18th.

Will you ride the slide?  Let me know in the comments section below or on the DTLAexplorer social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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