imageAre you looking for an old school Chinese restaurant?  Well, you need to head straight to Full House Seafood on North Hill Street in DTLA’s Chinatown.  There is nothing fancy about this place.  I don’t think they have changed a thing since it opened in 1981 except maybe the prices.  A trip to Full House Seafood is like taking a blast to the past.

We ended up in Chinatown for dinner and ended up wandering into Full House Seafood. We were quickly seated BEFORE I noticed the “B” Heath Department placard in the window.  Oh well, we are seated now and have already been given a dish of peanuts and a full pot of hot tea.  The restaurant’s menu is extensive.  The appetizer selection alone included Cold Jelly Fish and Deep Fried Pork Intestine.  We played it safe and started with the vegetable egg rolls ($3.85).


The crowd here was very eclectic.  There was a little of everything: an older Asian couple, a large Mexican family, a trio of middle-aged white folk and us (the two gay guys sitting on the corner).  There was a “full house” most of the time we were there.

When it came time to order, my husband wanted noodles so he went for the Chicken Chow Mein ($10.95).  When his food was delivered to the table, it was a huge portion… too much for one person.  He loved his food.  I tried the noodles and I thought they were a bit bland. I ordered the Honey Shrimp with Walnuts ($14.95).  This too was a large serving up food. Oddly, the shrimp were separated on the plate from the walnuts. Although the coating on the shrimp tasted more like mayonnaise than honey, I really liked the dish.

imageOkay, there is nothing fancy or upscale about Full House Seafood, and you won’t be impressed by the decor or the service, but the food is good.  If you are looking for traditional Chinese food, you should give this place a visit.

Full House Seafood 963 No. Hill Street in Chinatown 213.617.8382


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