imageThere are already some scary parts of Downtown Los Angeles that we all avoid, right? Well, then there is Creep LA.  It’s one of the “creepiest” places in DTLA, yet people are lining up to get in.  Creep LA is a fully immersive and interactive haunt experience set in an abandoned warehouse in the Arts District.

DTLAexplorer and a few friends mustered up the courage to check the place out last night. Unlike the haunted mazes at Universal Studios and Knott’s Scary Farm, this experience is very intimate (not intimate in a good way – LOL).  I won’t tell you too much because I don’t want to spoil it.


At the start of the experience you are told the “safe word” so at anytime if you are too terrified you just yell out that word and they will take you out.  You enter Creep LA in a group of six, but don’t expect to remain together.  There are traditional scare tactics and emotional interactions.  It is very theatrical and the “creeps” you encounter make this a very personal experience.  Expect to be stalked, talked to, yelled at, and even touched (although nothing too excessive).  The Creep LA website says, “Guests can be expected to walk, run, crawl and hide in dark rooms.”  Yes, you read that correctly, it said “crawl.” This is definitely “creepy.”  The entire experience lasts about 30 minutes, but the creators hope their guests are fearful long after their visit ends.

When we exited Creep LA, most of us breathed a sigh of relief and talked about the experience. One person in our group just cried.  She thought the experience was just too sinister.  Creep LA is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18 and not recommended for people with heart or back problems, pregnant women, or individuals prone to seizures.  Tickets cost $30 at the door, but you can save a few dollars and buy discounted tickets in advance.  Prepare to be scared!

Creep LA 718 E. Jackson Street (near Temple and Vignes Streets)

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