20150822_162744DTLA’s Grand Central Market is filled with a lot of great places to eat (and there are more on the way).  One of the places I have been longing to try is Belcampo Meat Company.  It’s not only a full service butcher shop that specializes in organic meats, it’s also a restaurant.  There’s what’s described as a “modern-meets-retro counter service diner.”  The have three menus (brunch, lunch and dinner) filled with some of the most popular signature Belcampo dishes.



First off, I started with a Bloody Mary ($8.50).  When I took a look at the lunch menu, I was instantly drawn to something called the “Mother Clucker.”  It’s a fried chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato and aioli. But $13.50 for a chicken sandwich?  Well, I love the Ludo Bird chicken sandwich and it’s $12.50, so I go for it.  When I get it, I’m surprised to see that it’s served on toast.  It’s nearly impossible to pick up because the piece of fried chicken is just too big for the bread.  I manage to shove it in my mouth, and it’s good… but it was no Ludo Bird.

My friend ordered the Belcampo Burger ($12.50), their premium ground beef served with caramelized onions, white cheddar, house sauce and lettuce on a Bread Bar brioche bun, plus a side of the Beef Tallow Fries ($4).  He enjoyed his burger.  I loved his fries!

20150822_164305Now, if my Mother Clucker sandwich had been served on a Bread Bar brioche bun like their Belcampo Burger, I’d be raving about it right now.  If you order the Mother Clucker, ask for it on the bun.

I look forward to eating at Belcampo Meat Company again soon.  I also want to buy some organic meat from their butcher display.  They have just about everything from chicken, beef and pork to lamb, duck and sausage.  They even sell kidneys (yuck).  Belcampo Meat Company is open every day and stays open late on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Belcampo Meat Company  317 So. Broadway (inside the Grand Central Market) 213.625.0304

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