20150819_203034Looking for something fun to do in DTLA?  How about a real life escape room experience?  It’s where you and a group of friends pay to be trapped in a room, and together you must find clues and solve puzzles to free yourselves within the allotted time limit.  Right now there are at least four of these adventure rooms up in Downtown Los Angeles.

20150819_192029A few friends and I checked out the Captured LA adventure.  We didn’t really know what we were getting into until we walked up to the address at 435 So. Broadway.  Um, this really looks like an abandoned building.  There’s just a dirty glass door wedged between two storefronts.  When you opened the door, there was a old wooden staircase that leads you to the second floor.  I think I saw this place in the movie Saw.  Once we got upstairs, we checked in and had to fill out  some legal forms.  Legal forms?  What are we doing?  The host explained the theme of our experience: We were captured in an abandoned building somewhere in Downtown Los Angeles.  Our captor is a psychopath, who will return to kill you unless you can escape in one hour.  Then the host stuffed us into a dark room and our adventure began.  I will not tell you too much about what happens inside, as I do not want to spoil it.  I will tell you that you have to search for clues and solve puzzles.  This is a high pressure situation, and the clock is ticking.  You have to figure out combinations to locks, find ways to open up secret rooms, etc.  I have some really smart friends so we were able to escape before the killer returned.  Not every group is so lucky!

Here’s some advice.  When you plan your event be sure to only invite your smart friends.  Those dumb friends are just going to be dead weight.  Once you are in the room, you have to work together.  The key to getting out of the room in time is team work.

20150819_203034I have not tried any of the other similar adventures (Escape Room LA, Room Escape Adventures or Escape IQ) in DTLA, but I can tell you that we really enjoyed the Captured LA experience.  I’d love to hear your opinions about the other “rooms.”  Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.  Thanks!

UPDATE: New Address… 1125 W. 6th St. Suite 300. 213.986.5421


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