20150725_095004Downtown Los Angeles is home to the largest wholesale flower district in the United States, and at certain times during the week, most of the vendors sell directly to the public.  The two largest markets are the Original Los Angeles Flower Market and the Southern California Flower Market located along Wall Street between 7th and 8th Streets.  We always visit the markets on Saturday mornings.

20150725_094129They open early at 6am and charge $1 admission fee.  These warehouses are huge… flowers for as far as you can see, and then you cross the street and there’s more.  You can find almost any color rose, any type of orchid, blooming plants, cactus, etc.  The prices are great, but different vendors sell the same flowers at different prices, so take your time and shop around.  Many of the flower vendors start closing down at noon.

Parking in that area is not always easy.  Don’t waste your time trolling around looking for street parking.  There is a great rooftop parking lot on the flower market building.  The entrance ramp is on Maple between 7th and 8th.  A word of warning… do not go to the Flower District around Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.  The place is packed and parking prices skyrocket.

The markets are also open to the public for a few early morning hours Monday through Friday.  The hours vary and the admission fee is $2.  There are a few other flower malls in the same area that don’t charge admission, but these markets are smaller so the selection is sometimes limited.

Original Los Angeles Flower Market 754 Wall Street 213.627.3696
Southern California Flower Market 755 Wall Street 213.627.2482


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