20150702_213422Back in May we were waiting for the new Tabachines Cocina to open on Spring Street… well, it’s finally open and we had dinner there last night.  The restaurant space looks great.  You are greeted by a huge lighted Tabochines sign as soon as you walk in the front door, but that’s it.  There is no host or hostess, so you don’t know if you are supposed to wait to be seated or seat yourselves.  We stood there for a minute or two and then just made our way over to a table.  As soon as we started sitting down someone came over and welcomed us.20150702_201852

For months I have been looking at the mouth-watering photos of their food on the restaurant’s website and social media pages.  This stuff looks incredible.  According to the menu they “infuse culture back into a dining experience through beauty, passion and community.”  The menu goes on to say, “We simply make fresh healthy Mexican food.”  We decided to start with the Roasted Corn ($9) and the Torre de Tostadas ($14), and then share the Carne en su Jugo ($15).

Before any of the food arrived, we received Tabachine’s version of chips and salsa.  It was tostada chips with a small cup of smooth salsa.  This was so much better than the standard basket of chips at most Mexican restaurants.

20150702_203757I first had Mexican “Corn in a Cup” at a gas station in Dallas.  It was awesome, so there was no way I was missing Tabachine’s Roasted Corn.  It’s made with epazote, crema fresca, cojita cheese, lime and cayenne pepper.  They serve up a generous portion.  This is definitely an item to share.  It was good although I would have liked it a little spicier.  I wish they had some sort of hot sauce on the tables.

The Torre de Tostadas was visually spectacular.  It’s a stack of five different tostadas: black bean, guacamole, papas & chorizo, requeson (cheese) and chicken tingas.  I’m not sure how you are supposed to eat them, but we unstacked them and shared them.  They were each really fresh tasting.  The chicken tinga tostada was our favorite.  Again I think the others needed a little more spice.

Between the chips & salsa, the corn and the tostadas we were full, but we still had the Carne de us Jugo on the way.  It arrived in a large bowl filled with grilled meat, frijoles de la olla, grilled onions, bacon, avocado, radishes and cilantro served with a side of corn tortillas.  It was clean and flavorful.  We ate as much of this as we could, but ended up only eating about half.


20150702_213349I really wanted a margarita with my Mexican food, but Tabachines Cocina only serves beer and wine. I had a delicious glass of Chenin Blanc wine, but I really wish they offered a wine based margarita or a sangria.

When you do to Tabachine’s Cocina don’t be put off by the prices.  They may seen high for Mexican food, but you get nice sized portions of very fresh food for the money.  I suggest you order several dishes and share them.  If you like your Mexican food spicy, you might want to smuggle in your own bottle of Tabasco.

Tabachines Cocina 517 S. Spring Street (between 5th and 6th Streets) 213.489.2950


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