20150423_102819There is a photo exhibit being hosted right now at the Central Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library called “From Pop to the Pit.”  It’s a collection of photographs that celebrates the L.A. music scene from 1978 to 1989.  The “From Pop to the Pit” photo collection gives a “glimpse into a decade in the musical life of a city that produced scores of hit singles, strikingly diverse genres, and tremendous excitement.”

A friend and I checked it out earlier today.  It’s not the easiest exhibit to find.  It’s located in the History & Genealogy Department… which is located on floor -4 (yes, that’s negative 4) on the lowest level of the


library.  Once you find the History & Genealogy Department, the exhibit is on the southernmost back wall.  This is NOT a huge exhibit.  It’s only about 20 framed black & white photographs, but if you are a fan of 80’s music it is worth checking out.  I was surprised to find out how many legendary 80’s bands got their start in Southern California, everyone from The Bangles and the Go-Go’s to Black Flag and Eazy-E to Motley Crew and Slayer.

Again, this is not a huge exhibit.  It’s a great way to waste a few minutes of your lunch break!  “From Pop to the Pit” runs until June 28, 2015.  You can read more about the exhibit on the Los Angeles Public Library’s website.


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