20150413_130507With California facing one of the most severe droughts on record, Governor Brown has declared a drought State of Emergency and has directed state officials to take all necessary actions to prepare for water shortages.  Well, there at a lot of beautiful fountains all over Downtown L.A., but shouldn’t turning off all the ornamental public fountains be one of the first things we should be doing to save water?  I was out exploring DTLA today and came across four public fountains where the water was flowing strong.


Maguire Gardens at the Los Angeles Central Library at 630 W. 5th Street


City National Plaza at 400 So. Flower Street


Zanja Madre Art Garden at the 801 Tower at So. Figueroa Street.  Ironically, this courtyard is dedicated to the original “Mother Ditch” which once brought water to the Pueblo of Los Angeles.


TWC Building at 865 So. Figueroa Street.  The good news here is that the waterfall on the south end of the building is turned off.  I’m not sure if it is off to conserve water, but at least it is off.


I’m all for public art and public fountains, but during a severe drought turning off the fountains seems to be a no-brainer.  Do you agree?


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