20140917_135808Whenever we go to the Target at the Fig at 7th shopping center, we also seem to make a trip the Fig at 7th food court called Taste.  There are so many choices of places to eat, but my husband always heads toward Pizza Studio.  He says they make great pizza, and they have great prices.

Their tag line is “Create Your Masterpiece” and you do exactly that.  For $7.99 you get full sized pizza made with your choice of 6 different types of crusts (add $2 if you want the gluten-free), 5 different types of sauce, 4 types of cheese (again, add another $1 if you want the gluten-free cheese) and unlimited veggies and meats.  Quite a bargain, right?  If that is too much, you can also order from their Starving Artist Selections menu.  It has three pizzas for just $5.99.

If there is one complaint about this place it’s that they ask you if you what your pizza “for here or to go,” but even if you say “for here” they give it to you in a giant cardboard box.  It’s a waste of the box.  Otherwise, Pizza Studio is pretty perfect.

Pizza Studio 735 So. Figueroa Street (inside 7th at Fig Food Court)

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