20150406_205542You know I love my Red Mango Frozen Yogurt at L.A. Live, right?  I think everyone there is always so nice and friendly.  I think that place can do nothing wrong… until now.  Today they promoted a brand new flavor on their Instagram page.  If today was April 1st, I would have been positive it was an April Fool’s joke, but it wasn’t.  The new flavor is Popcorn.  I love popcorn and I love froyo, but together?  I decided I needed to give it a try.  Well, thank goodness they have those little sample cups because if I had to eat more than that, I would have spit it out.  It was nasty!  They only way to get that taste out of my mouth was to get a regular sized cup and fill it with two of my favorite flavors: Old Fashioned Cake Batter and Milk Chocolate.

20150406_205633If you want to give the Popcorn froyo a try you have to hurry.  They are only serving it until Thursday (and then I hope never again – LOL).  To be clear, I still love my Red Mango at L.A. Live, I just hated the popcorn flavored yogurt.

Red Mango 1101 So. Figueroa Street (at L.A. Live) 213.746.2646


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