20150206_210621By now you have heard all the hype about Redbird, the restaurant that opened a few months ago inside the rectory of St. Vibiana’s Cathedral at 2nd and Main Streets.  The space is perfect.  St. Vibiana’s dates back to 1876 and it is so well preserved.  Check out Red Bird for the venue alone, but if you win the lottery and land a huge job promotion, go to Red Bird to celebrate.  The food is great, but this place is not cheap.

A group of us went for dinner and ordered a bunch of items to share.  Of course, I started with  the Bartender’s Choice cocktail ($12).  You tell them what you like and they create a cocktail just for you.  I have no idea how to order this drink again, but it was perfection. 

20150206_210815You have to love the way they serve the bread to your table at Red Bird.  It is delivered in a cloth drawstring bag with a side of butter.  The bread was great, but let’s get to the real food.  First up was the Avocado Salad ($15).  It was avocado and pancetta over greens with a vinaigrette.  Up next, the Delicata Squash Salad ($15).  Cubed squash with goat’s milk feta, spicy greens and a sherry vinaigrette.  Both salads were hits: fresh, clean and delicious.

Next came the Fried Clams with Grapefruit Aioli and then the Posole ($16) with pork belly and chicanitas. That was followed by the Duo Of Beef ($42).  It was grilled New York steak and short rib with kale croutons, confit potatoes and parmesan fondue.


Finally, the one item on the menu that you must order… the Chicken Pot Pie ($14)made with thigh meat, chicken heart and thyme.  I was not excited about eating chicken heart, but mixed in with the other ingredients, it was fine.  This is listed as a starter on the menu, but when I go back, I’m making this my main course.


The night ended with three desserts that we passed around the table.  Total decadence.

If I could, I would eat at Red Bird every night of the week (except Monday.  They are closed on Mondays), but I’m not rich.  This place is the ultimate special occasion restaurant.  The atmosphere is great.  The service is stellar.  The food divine.  Here’s a secret.  Go to Red Bird and sit at the bar.  Have a cocktail and a few appetizers.  You get the experience of dining at Redbird without paying the big bill.

Redbird 114 E. 2nd Street (between Main and Los Angeles Streets) 213.788.1191


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