20140927_214115Have you checked out 10e yet?  What’s 10e?  It’s a restaurant located in the ground floor of the beautiful Fine Arts Building on 7th Street.  I agree, it’s an odd name for a restaurant, but they serve some great food.  10e specializes in Mediterranean Tapas.  The owners are Lebanese-Armenian and American-Armenian.  The recipes come from their great grandfathers and grandmothers.  Just about everything on the menu has some name we didn’t even try to pronounce.  We asked our server a lot of questions, and she had all the answers. Now,   normally I would tell you want we ordered, and what was in it, but there is no way I am able to remember all that information, so just take a look at the photos.  I can tell you this, the food was great!

The restaurant’s interior is beautiful.  It has a 2-story dining room and a bar in the back.  This is the perfect place to bring your vegetarian friends because they will have a lot of choices.  And don’t worry about your meat lover friends, there’s plenty for them too!  10e is located right by the 7th and Metro subway station, so Go Metro and check it out.

Photo from the 10e Facebook page (www.facebook.com/10eRestaurant)

Photo from the 10e Facebook page (www.facebook.com/10eRestaurant)

10e Restaurant 811 W.7th Street (at Lebanon Street) 213.488.1096


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