IMG_1841I am the first to admit that I miss Pete’s Café at 4th and Main.  I just loved their chicken club fries.  When Pete’s closed down I swore that I would never eat at the new restaurant.  It would be my personal protest.  Well, when I found out it was re-opened by the people behind Bar Ama, Baco Mercat and Orsa & Winston, my protest came to an immediate halt, and we headed to Ledlow.

We checked out Ledlow the other day while they were offering up their brunch menu.  My husband started with a Bloody Mary ($10).  He likes a spicy Bloody Mary with a lot of Tabasco, but this one had so much horseradish in it he could not drink it.  I ordered something off the cocktail menu that was made with pineapple juice.  It was really good, but for the life of me I can’t remember what they called it.  Anyway, we ended up switching drinks.  I didn’t love the Bloody Mary, and after a few sips I got past the abundance of horseradish.

For our meals, he ordered the griddled burger and fries ($14).  It was 4 ounce patty topped with cheddar cheese, red onion, lettuce and a side of garlic aioli.  It was a hit, but can you really go wrong with a $14 hamburger?  And these fries were good, but not as good as Pete’s chicken club fries!


I got the fried chicken club sandwich ($15), not the chicken club fries.  It was a chicken cutlet topped with bacon and lettuce on a bun with a side of delicious coleslaw.  There was a funky crispy wafer on top of the bun.  It ended up being chicken cracking which was a piece of fried chicken skin.  I scarfed my food down, minus the crackling.


The service was great.  We had a great meal.  Ledlow’s brunch menu was not what I was expecting, so we need to go back for dinner and try some of their more creative dishes.

Ledlow 400 So. Main Street (at 4th Street) 213.687.7015

IMG_1841PS: For the record I still miss Pete’s chicken club fries.  I was just looking through the photos on my phone and a found an old picture of the fries.  I saved it with photos of my beloved nieces and nephews.  Damn, those fries were delicious.  Hey Ledlow, what do you think about adding the Pete’s Chicken Club Fries back to the menu? Please.


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