20150207_130148 (1)[UPDATE: April 8th – Hero Shop just posted in its Instagram page that they have lowered prices.  How cool is that?]

Have you seen Hero Shop‘s Instagram page?  It’s filled with some amazing looking photos of some amazing looking food.  So finally the other day we headed to the restaurant on East 6th Street at Main and tried it out.  It’s a cute little space with a counter in the back where you place your order.  Now we had no idea what we were really ordering because we did not know what a Banh Mi hero was, but here it goes.  I ordered the thin-sliced Spanish chorizo with sriracha, cilantro, jalapeno, house-made pickles, shaved onions with fish sauce vinaigrette and eggy mayo on Banh Mi, which is Vietnamese bread ($9).  This thing was so good.  I loved it.

20150207_130102My husband ordered the spice & sour chicken: Jidori Farms chicken breast with cilantro, house-made pickles, fish sauce vinaigrette and eggy mayo ($10) but he added an additional $1 and made it a bowl with coconut rice, a slow-cooked egg and sambal olek.  What is this sambal olek?  It’s some wicked chili pepper sauce.  Okay, my husband likes his food spicy and hot, and he was complaining that this stuff was too spicy.

Hero shop has a few tables and stools inside, and additional seating outside.  We were lucky and found seating inside.  Other people who were eating at the same time tried to eat outside, but moved inside because they were getting visited by people asking for money.

So during the day, this place is called Hero Shop, but at night it changes to Yero Shop.  It’s alter ego serves Chicken & Rice over soft pita and some “notorious” red and white sauces.  I look forward to trying this place after dark.

Hero Shop 130 E. 6th Street (at Main Street) 213.265.7561


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