imageEvery time I go to DTLA’s Grand Central Market I eat at the same places.  So I declared that I would try a different restaurant each time I go, until I have tried them all.  (Wow… I am going to miss Eggslut.)  My new mission started yesterday at Sticky Rice.  It bills itself as LA’s first “Thai Comfort Food” restaurant dedicated to organic, free-range and locally sourced ingredients.

When we arrived we were lucky enough to find two seats together at the counter.  We were given menus, but no one ever took our order.  We watched the server take the orders of two ladies at the end of the counter, but not us.  Finally we asked the cook if we could place our orders.  He told us we had to order at the cash register, so I got up and ordered the Kaeng

Karee (yellow curry chicken) and the Gai Yang (Thai BBQ chicken with side salad and sticky rice). Both dishes were $10 each.  I paid and tipped at the register.



My friend gave the yellow chicken curry (above left) rave reviews.   I was not so elated with the Thai BBQ chicken (above right).  The chicken was good but there was too much fatty chicken skin.  I did love the dipping sauce, side salad and the sticky rice.

As we finished up our meals, the server brought the two ladies at the end of the counter their bill.  We could not figure out why they received counter service and we did not.  To be clear, the service was extremely friendly.  They just did not have a clear ordering procedure.

rice3Well, I can mark Sticky Rice off my Grand Central Market check list.  That’s one GCM restaurant down and about 20 more to go.  Okay, let’s be honest… I’m probably going to eat at Eggslut a few more times before I tackle the other twenty places.

Sticky Rice 317 So. Broadway (Stall C-5 inside Grand Central Market) 213.624.2378



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