After weeks of talking about it, we finally made lunch reservations at one of DTLA’s newest restaurants, Pez Cantina.  It markets itself as a “Coastal Mexican Kitchen.” It is located on the Grand Avenue side of the Mellon Bank Center building on Bunker Hill.

When we arrived at the restaurant there were plenty of open tables in the dining room and on the patio, but despite having reservations, we were disappointed to be seated in the bar area of the restaurant.


We started with the watermelon, avocado and jicama appetizer.  It was topped with queso fresco, amaranth crackers and cucumber-jalapeno coulis for $9.

The restaurant offers at least seven different kinds of salsas, so we had to order the chips and salsa.  But get this, chips and salsa cost $3 plus $2 for each additional sampling of salsa.

pez3We ordered three of the $4 individual tacos, plus had to pay up an additional $5 for a side of beans and rice.  If the price on the menu would have been $17 for a three taco platter with beans and rice I would have been fine, but adding an additional $5 for the beans and rice just annoyed me.  The Mahi-Mahi and the asada tacos were good… but the veggie taco filled with corn, mushrooms and kale was delicious… DELICIOUS.


We also ordered the kale salad, topped with corn, red quinoa, black and peruana beans, sunflower seeds, tortilla strips with a hibiscus vinaigrette.  It was $11 plus $5 for the addition of grilled shrimp.  The salad was okay, but it was a lot of greens… too much greens.

I think you can tell we were not fans of Pez Cantina, but the atmosphere (what we could see of it from the bar) was nice and the service was great, so I guess we need to give the place another try.

Pez Cantina 401 So. Grand Avenue (between 4th and 5th) on Bunker Hill. 213.258.2280


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